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X-treme. X-citing. X-traordinary. It stands as the Granddaddy of them all at Magic Springs beckoning across the Ouachita Mountains into the hearts of adrenaline junkies coming from miles around to experience the first coaster of its kind in the United States. X-Coaster makes it possible to experience inversion without the constraint of a shoulder harness.

The trip starts with a vertical ascent hitting its peak at 150-feet up in the air. The most talked about highlight of this ride is the thrillingly slow quarter-loop backwards that leaves riders dangling high above the park for a heart-pounding moment before they are sent on a 360-degree corkscrew roll, followed by a plummeting drop at more than 65 mph. You’ll rocket past the station and other guests in line to hit the high peak again, then fall backward through the station and back up the other side of the ride with the back of the train once again taking a partial twist around a portion of the loop on top. The train tumbles back toward the earth, the final fall of the ride, then, comes to a stop near its peak before slowly taking you backwards into the station. Your bravery will never be called into question again! X-Coaster opened at Magic Springs in 2006 after being manufactured in Germany, which is home to the only other X-Coaster in the world.

This attraction is available to riders at a height of at least 52”.

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